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107 Forster St
Invermay 7248
Tel 03 6334 1433

Our Capabilities

We are a customer focused company, led by trained and experienced operators. Our aim is to provide the leading service of safe, clean and reliable skip bins to all customers everytime. GuardAway Services develop comprehensive and tailored waste management strategies for our clients individual facility needs.

5 Golden Rules (no injuries to anyone at anytime)

(1) we always follow an equipment procedure
(2) we never overload bins
(3) we always assess sites
(4) we always check electrical surrounds

(5) we always assess surrounds before lifting

Project Productivity & Efficiencies

By working closely with our client's rubbish removal needs we are able to provide the most efficient waste removal solutions to optimise project productivity

Overall Objective

Our specialised transfer station assists in material recovery and reducing landfill contaminants. Environment protection benefits occur via our continual investment in resource recovery methods and technologies.

Resource Recovery

50% of our disposal cost structure goes into sorting and redirecting brick, timber, green waste, tiles, concrete, cabling, metal, aluminium, copper, glass, cardboard and plastics.
Learn more goto Aust Packaging Covenant

Safety Standards

We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe working environment. At GuardAway we believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility and we all work to eliminate or minimise hazards and injuries from the workplace. Staff are trained in OH&S health and safety systems.

24-7 Sales and Service Support

We’re in reach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to react promptly to unforseen changes or access requirements as your needs progress.