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107 Forster St
Invermay 7248
Tel 03 6334 1433

Resource Recovery

We are different from most waste companies because we actually DO divert waste from landfill

Launceston's Resource Recovery Centre at Invermay is an environmentally conscious alternative to Landfill. As we are a Material Recycling Facility we can reduce the amount of waste to landfill. Where possible if waste can be sorted into "sections" greatly assists us to recover and redirect from landfill. For example, timber and green waste, metal, steel, heavy bricks, concrete, plastics, cardboard when sorted in bin assists reuse, reduces costs and helps the environment. Only the products we can't recycle will be sent to landfill, but that's a steadily shrinking proportion because our recovery techniques are getting better all the time.

Construction waste is delivered to our site
Larger or specialised items (i.e. steel, concrete, timbers) are extracted from the dumping bay by hand and mini excavator for recycling
Remaining material is placed on conveyor belt for manual sorting. Some materials are stored in our bins and availble for resale to builders or sold at bargain prices.

Our list of recyclables is growing, but here is a list of the major by-products we deal with.

Common Recyclable Materials:
You can recycle most common C&D materials with Waste Management, including: concrete, porcelain, rigid plastics, tile, timber, green waste, metals, masonry, plastic, rock, carpet, insulation and more.

Cardboard, paper, plastics and metals > converted into new goods
Clean wood > mulch or biomass fuel for making crayfish pots
Dirt, rock and sand > Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) in landfills
Crushed concrete > gravel or dry aggregate for new concrete

conveyor belt to assist with recycling builders waste.JPG