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Barrier Control

Work Site Barrier Control - Read more on managing work environment
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The means of entry and exit to and from all areas of the workplace must be safe. For
example, providing separate entries and exits for mobile plant (including cranes or trucks)
and pedestrians will reduce the risk of persons being hit by moving vehicles. If persons and
vehicles have to share a traffic route, use kerbs, barriers or clear markings to designate a safe
walkway and have traffic management controls implemented.
Entry and exit areas and passageways should be clearly lit, signed and kept free from
materials and debris to minimise the risk of trips and slips.
Emergency exit routes must be easily identifiable, kept free from obstruction and have
emergency lighting, directional signs and exit points marked. Emergency lighting back-up
systems should have sufficient capacity to provide safe emergency egress for a reasonable
period of time in the event of power failure. Emergency lighting systems should be tested
regularly to ensure an evacuation could be safely carried out in both daylight and night time
Work areas should be clearly identified and separated as necessary so that work can be
undertaken safely. A workplace management plan may be prepared to outline different
areas, including loading zones, access, materials storage, offices, first aid stations,
waste and recycling areas. Signs may be used to provide clear instructions to persons at
the construction workplace, for example, ‘No Entry’, ‘No Smoking’, ‘PPE required’, and signs
identifying hazard areas.
Vehicle, plant and pedestrian traffic in the workplace may be controlled through clear vehicle
paths, allocated parking areas, signage, physical barriers and/or traffic controllers.
Where there is risk of falling objects, exclusion zones may need to be created to prevent
unauthorised people entering the work area and being put at risk.

Prepare and implement workplace traffic management plan and make available
to workers:

„ Exclusion zone for mobile plant to be clearly identified (signage and
barricades as per site plan) and controlled during vehicle loading/unloading
„ Use temporary safety barriers to direct/controltraffic flow as required.
„ Brick delivery vehicle to be unloaded on-site (not from public roadway).
Place brick pallets adjacent to bricklaying work areas (inside workplace
boundaries and clear of workplace traffic routes).