T&C Skip Hire

By using our services you accept our terms and conditions as below;

1. PROHIBITED ITEMS - asbestos, tyres, paints, oils are prohibited from skip bins and will attract extra charges. 
For more info see HAZARDOUS MATERIALS per our website.

2. OVERWEIGHT > 5 tonnes, please advise in advance if including concrete or wet soil into bin as this can increase weight significantly, which can incur excess charge. Where bin is loaded with heavy soil /concrete please note 5 tonnes would be reached at the half way mark on a 6m bin.

3. OVERFILL Not to fill past top of bin as may cause difficulty in transport. Overfilling may incur an excess fill charge. Customer are liable if any damage occurs from objects falling from bin in transport./

4. TYPE OF WASTE if you state that your waste type is for example, Green waste, Brick Tile or Concrete only, then you must ensure that no other waste is placed in the skip bin. If this occurs it becomes a mixed load which changes the disposal costs & can become quite expensive due to the weight. Ask us about separating Bricks, concrete, tiles & soil from other general waste to recycle and save.
TYRES @ $15.00 EACH*
(*Prices Subject to change as tip charges can vary over time)

5. DELIVERY OF EQUIPMENT Delivery of Equipment to the Customer shall take place at the premises requested. The Customer agrees to not move the Equipment.

6. USAGE PERIOD as agreed before delivery or phone in advance where require extended time.

7. PICK UP / COLLECTION OF EQUIPMENT The Customer agrees to provide adequate access to the Equipment. If the Equipment is blocked or positioned to prohibit collection, any further attempts made for collection may be classified “extra service” and so duly charged.

7. RISK The Hirer will be liable for any damage to skip bins which occurs whilst in their possession, subject to fair wear and tear. 3.4 If any damage, loss, theft or destruction of the Equipment occurs, whether Hirer was responsible or not, Hirer must immediately notify GUARDAWAY and provide full details of the damage, loss theft or destruction.

8. BIN LOCATION The Hirer shall not remove, deface or cover up identifying marks, nor shall the Hirer cause to remove the bins from their initial location without prior approval from the Supplier.

9. Liability and Indemnity; Hirer is liable for all costs, expenses, damages or loss (including consequential loss) whether caused by Hirer or any other third party, arising directly or indirectly out of the Use of the Equipment.
- 9.1 Hirer agrees to indemnify and keep indemnified GUARDAWAY and GUARDAWAY's employees, agents and contractors from all damages, suits, actions, claims and demands which they may suffer or incur arising either directly or indirectly out of the Use of the Equipment.
- 9.2 Hirer must not do or allow to be done any act matter or thing which may invalidate or prejudice any:
- 9.2.1 insurance policy effected by GUARDAWAY,
- 9.2.2 GUARDAWAY defence or prosecution of any claim, or
- 9.2.3 right GUARDAWAY may have against any person